By Team FEFF

About Deal or No Deal

A mind boggling game that stretches your brain muscles!
Deal or No Deal is a financial quiz with a twist. Each team will be provided with certain amount of plastic money and every question will have some cost and benefit associated. For answering each question, participants need to buy ticket for that question or in other words participants have to decide whether they want to deal or not with the question. With every correct answer, team will earn a certain amount of money (Plastic money). There will be around 3-4 rounds and different kinds of questions in different rounds. Earning pattern will change in every round. It will include bidding for a question, hidden prize money, betting on table etc. There will also be some amount of luck factor involved in the game.

Event Rules

1.Team size : 2 members

2. Team members must be from the same institute.

3. No participant should be a part of more than one team.

4. No cell phones and laptops are allowed.

5. Decision of FEFF will be final and binding.

Note: Exact rules will be declared during the course of event. The above rules are tentative. They are subject to change as considered appropriate.


Round 1: Online Round
Round 1 will be an online quiz for all the teams who register.

Round 2: On-Campus Round
Shortlisted participants from Round 1 are required to visit the campus to play further rounds.


Prizes worth Rs.5000 to be won!

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