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By Team SigMa

About Markathon

A business stimulation event where participants are given Rs.999/- to buy items and then sell them to earn profits.

So you think you can sell? Do you have it in you to be the budding entrepreneur? SigMa gives you the chance to prove it. No fake environment, no presentations, no case studies. We give you Rs. 999 and half a days’ time. You will be on the streets by yourself. Show us your skills and multiply the money.

How you utilize these Rs. 999 is totally upto you. Maybe you will buy roses and sell them at a higher price, or buy Sarojini Nagar bangles? Cook food and sell? Your choice. Your idea.

The rules are pretty simple, you will be judged on the amount of money you generate (quantitative) and the OMG factor of your Idea (qualitative).

Markathon will be held in two rounds:
Round 1: Synopsis of your Idea

In the first round the teams will be sending one page synopsis on what exactly they are going to do in the final round. There is no minimum or maximum word limit for the synopsis. The file name should be “TeamName_Markathon” and the teams are requested to mail the same at “”. Deadline for submission of synopsis is 10th November 2016. The teams will be shortlisted on the basis of uniqueness, reliability and feasibility of the idea. The announcement of the shortlisted teams will be done by 13th November 2016. The shortlisted teams are then supposed to send us a mail by 10:00pm 14th November 2016 confirming their presence for the campus round.

Round 2: Sell your Idea
Shortlisted teams from round 1 would then be invited to FORE for the final round which is to be held on 18th November 2016. In this round, teams will be on the streets of Delhi selling their IDEA and earning money.

Event Rules

1. Teams size: 2-3 members who are currently enrolled in a two year full time MBA programme. Cross-college teams are not allowed.

2. The synopsis submitted by teams should be innovative, creative and original. It should be sent as a .doc Word file with file name as ‘TeamName_Markathon’ at

3. In case of submission of more than one synopsis by teams, the first submission will be considered final.

4. Team members must carry their college ID cards on the day of the event.

5. Teams have to finance their travel expenses on their own. SigMa will only provide Rs.999/- for the competition which has to be refunded. Teams get to keep the balance amount they earn.

6. The decisions of SigMa will be final and biding on all teams.


Winner: Goodies worth Rs. 10,000

The rest of the teams will be taking home the earnings they get by selling their idea.

Certificates will be given to all the finalists and participants.

Event Details

Last date of registration and submission of synopsis: 10th November 2016
Notification of shortlist to the final round: 13th November 2016
Confirmation of participation in the final round by teams: 14thNovember 2016
Venue: FORE School of Management, New Delhi

Contact Us

Anmol Verma: +918510004036
Bhavyata Jain: +919971632722
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