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By Team FEFF

“Investor speak may not be all geek.”


“Capital isn’t scarce, vision is”- Sam Walton

Have you ever looked at the Foreign Investment Trends and wanted to understand the mechanics behind how a country chooses another country to invest in?

Do you have it in you to analyze the macro-economic factors of a country? Here is your chance to don the investor hat put your skills to use!

The Finance and Economy Club of FORE School of Management brings to you “Trader’s Cockpit”- an event which combines your knowledge of the economy and allows you to evaluate one country as an investment destination.

Event Format

Round 1: Online Round

Round 1 will be an online quiz for all the teams who register. A total of 8 teams shall go ahead to Round 2.

Round 2: On-Campus Round

1) Every team shall be considered as a Foreign Institutional Investor (FII).

2) The teams will be allotted any one of the countries from the G8 countries.

3) The teams will have to analyse the selected country on a set of given parameters and any additional parameters of the team’s choice.

4) The teams also need to analyse the impact of various global events (an exhaustive list shall be provided) on their country’s market and economy.

5) Each team has to come out with an analysis and based on this analysis provide recommendation whether to invest in that country or not.

6) The investment rationale should be shared in the form of a PowerPoint presentation in not more than 15 slides (excluding cover page and appendix) along with the excel workbook containing the calculations.

Event Rules

1. Team Size: 2 members

2. Team members must be from the same institute

3. No participant should be a part of more than one team

4. Decision of FEFF will be final and binding


Cash prizes worth 10,000 plus certificates up for grabs.

Event Details

Registration Close: 11th November , 2016

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