1-2 DECEMBER 2023

Envision the Unchartered

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Star Night


Turning moments into memories, one track at a time. DJ Suit Up is ready to elevate GENESIS 2023 to the next level and turning gatherings into epic soundscapes.

1st December 2023

06:00 PM onwards

Deep Money
Deep Money


Introducing the heartbeat of our sound Sameer Walizada! Get ready to dive into a world of electrifying melodies, soulful rhythms, and lyrics that resonate. Join us on this musical journey at GENESIS 2023, your new favorite band awaits!

2nd December 2023

05:00 PM onwards


Unleash the sonic journey with DJ Tracer! Let the beats trace a path to an unforgettable night at GENESIS 2023. Get ready to dance, groove, and lose yourself in the rhythm.

2nd December 2023

07:00 PM onwards

Deep Money


The latest and the greatest events


A case strategy competition for B-School students, focusing on current business challenges. It encourages scholars to offer innovative solutions to real industry problems in sync with today's business landscape.

By Team Think Tank

Prizes worth ₹ 45,000/-

Deep Money
D Horizon


A Nukkad Natak competition where each team needs to perform on a social cause. Few teams will be shortlisted for further rounds and will have to perform on campus in front of judges.


Prizes worth ₹ 35,000/-


Kurukshetra provides a platform for the country's top management students to utilize their MBA knowledge by addressing real-world marketing challenges. Teams propose product ideas associated with a festival and specific value, presenting to top executives and scholars.

By Team CID

Prizes worth ₹ 33,000/-

Deep Money
D Horizon


An offline Inter-College group dance competition (Western/Semi-Western) which invites entry from all the graduate and undergraduate institutes of Delhi NCR.

By Team CDF

Prizes worth ₹ 33,000/-

Event Schedule

The timeline of fun

TechNiti: An infographic event to showcase graphic visual representations to convey ideas.

Team FORETech

Kurukshetra: Teams come up ideas of a product to be launched in the market in the given criteria.

Team CID

Jagrukta: A Nukkad Natak competition where each team needs to perform on a social cause.


Prerna: CSR case study event which begins with a quiz followed by a presentation.

Team ANTAR & Team CSD

Vyamaham: HR based case study competition.


Arguementative Indian: The person has to speak on the given topic for 180 seconds and judged on that.

Team FOREword and Team SIG-Sankalp

The Amazing Race: Treasure Hunt event that allows the participants to explore the city of Delhi.

Team Think Tank

Strategem: Participants as PR managers create exciting social media content on brands.

Team FORE Connect

DataVerse: A complete mix of online and offline events to find out the most analytical mind.

Team SIGnalytics

Sampatti: Stock market showdown where college students use their analytical skills to build winning portfolios amidst market buzz and breaking new


Eleganza: Unveiling extraordinary style, connecting creative minds, and spotlighting innovation on the fashion stage.

Team Nexus

Inaugural Ceremony

DJ Evening

TechnoSlides: Case study competition that focuses on the IT technologies

Team FORETech

Step Up: An offline Inter-College group dance competition (Western/Semi-Western).


Concoct: B-school Competition for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas.

Team CED

Guilty As Charged: Mock trial and legal simulation event requiring no legal expertise.

Team PEC

Embrace the Chaos: Includes a quiz, a rebranding task and final round on crisis management.

Team SIG-Unstop Igniters

Corporate Buddha: A competition for B-School students to tackle real-world challenges, crafting innovative solutions for today's business landscape.

Team Think Tank

Blackflush x UniAd: A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. In the 5-second attention spans and the maddening media bombardment, it’s Be Distinct or Go Extinct.

Team SigMa and Team FOSTRA

Raffle 6.0: Focuses on the exports & imports of countries around the world and its applications.

Team IBF

Market-O-Mania: Focuses on important aspects of being a passionate and knowledgeable manager.


Star Evening


Special thanks to all of you

Event Venue

FORE School of Management, New Delhi

FORE is one of the Top PGDM Colleges in Delhi offering MBA admission. It is a top PGDM institute that provides 2-year PGDM courses in Delhi NCR.